About Us

TMC INSTITUTE was formed in 2016 and has been operating regionally and internationally right from its inception. As a member of THE MORGANS, the institute has excelled over the years in the area of training and developing talents, helping organizations to identified knowledge gaps, tailored relevant training and courses to abridge and improve efficiency and productivity across various sectors.

TMC INSTITUTE is one of the leading and specialist provider of specialized corporate training including
Leadership, Risk Management, Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, Management , FinCrime Prevention, Corporate Governance & Business Ethics , Cybercrime and a host of other specialized courses.  We have been training a wide range of organizations with special emphasis on financial institutions as our primary clientele.

Our certified and experienced team possesses an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the region’s financial services and provides world-class training packed full of practical examples and top-notch case studies. Our extensive and proficient team of expert consultants and trainers ensures that our clients are available with experts no matter what aspect of the GRC & Financial Crime Prevention spectrum it is. Whether you want financial crime prevention, compliance, risk management, corporate governance, prudential requirements, or just a finance understanding and awareness, our team has the right specialist to offer you what you need.